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All this while, endless online listicles have been predicting your personality based on the way you dress or talk. But let’s be real, that’s way too mainstream! At Pride of Cows, we believe in doing things differently, so today we are going to predict your personality based on…..wait for it….. your favourite drink! Don’t believe us? Well, then you only have one option, look for your favourite beverage in the list below and see if it matches your personality!


1) Tea

Most of us can’t even begin our day without a cup of tea. But here, we are specifically talking about those who rarely venture beyond their Tea – Zone.


Tea from pride of cows country fresh milk


Your love of tea says that you:

  • Find joy in simple things.
  • Are a caring and sincere person who is always ready to help others.
  • Love winter more than any other time of the year.

2) Coffee

If the smell of coffee fills you up with energy at any time of day then let’s be honest, it is your favourite drink!


start your day with coffee from cow fresh milk


Your deep love for your Cuppa Joe indicates that you:

  • Work hard and usually burn the midnight oil.
  • Are full of energy and believe in living life to the fullest.
  • Get bored easily and are constantly on the lookout for something interesting.

3) Smoothie

Every morning your freshly blended smoothie refreshes you after a workout. Every evening you indulge in a glass for a quick pick me up. When you feel too lazy to cook, you reach for your blender and have a smoothie instead. Yes we get it. You love smoothies.


Smoothie from fresh milk


Apart from being a super smooth, your love of smoothies says that you:

  • Are an outgoing person who easily makes friends.
  • Have a charming attitude and take good care of your body.
  • Are carefree yet extremely sweet.

4) Lassi

Nothing beats the summer heat like a big glass full of Lassi, right? But for the true blue lassi-holic, this is a staple drink all year long. Come rain or shine, lassi is life!


Lassi from fresh cow milk for this summer


When your love for lassi knows no bounds, you:

  • Are an old school kind of person.
  • Like everything simple, whether it’s your clothes or shoes.
  • Are a big foodie and enjoy trying new cuisines.

5) Milk

If a plain glass of fresh and delicious milk is your energy booster welcome to the club! We are milk lovers too and we wear our milk moustaches with pride!


Pride of cows best milk


If you are always asking who’s got milk then you:

  • Are an extrovert and easily mingle with people.
  • Are very caring and your friends always turn to you for advice.
  • Love travelling and are always ready for adventure.

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