Creamy Badam Kheer Recipe From Pride of Cows

Preparation Time:

• 1 hours

Cooking time:

• 11-15 minutes


• 4


• Almonds 30

• Milk 2.5 cups

• Condensed milk half tin

• Cashew nuts 15

• Almond essence a few drops


• Blanch almonds. Drain and peel them. Set aside a few slivered almonds for garnishing.

• Soak the remaining almonds and cashew nuts in one cup of hot milk for about half an hour. Grind to a smooth paste. Heat the remaining milk.

• After the milk comes to a boil add the condensed milk and stir. Add the almond-cashewnut paste and cook on medium heat, stirring continuously for about five minutes or till the mixtures thickens.

• Remove from heat and add almond essence. Garnish with almond slivers and serve hot or cold.