Frequently Asked Questions - Know More About Milk From Pride of Cows
?What is so special about Pride of cow Milk? What is the composition of the milk?

Pride of Cows is a Farm to Home fresh milk, launched for the first time in India. Pride of Cows is delivered in refrigerated conditions to your doorstep from the farm instantly after milking, pasteurization, homogenization and packaging.

There are no intermediaries involved in the supply chain and hence Pride of Cows is not available over the shelves. This ensures that there is no scope for adulteration of any kind in the Pride of Cows bottle which reaches your doorstep.

It is our belief that Happy Cows give better milk. Everything in and around our farm is built and maintained as per the convenience of the cows. The cows are pampered with music, showers and specially designed nutritional meals.

The milking process at our farm is completely mechanized. This means that Pride of Cows is untouched by human hand throughout its supply chain

?What do you mean by organic milk?

Organic milk as I know, is produced from cows that are allowed to graze at pasture for at least 8 hours/day, all feed has been produced without the use of artificial fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides. No antibiotics or artificial hormones are permitted.

?How is it different from other milk which are available in market?

Unlike any other milk, Pride of Cows is not sourced from farmers. We have our own farm (completely owned and managed by us) wherein we have 3800 Holstien Friesan cows. Therefore we have complete control over the breed, feed and health of cows which in turn leads to complete control over the quality of milk.

Also, Pride of Cows is not a standardized (artificial process of adding or extracting fat and SNF) milk. We maintain the required 3.5% fat and 8.5% SNF content in Pride of Cows through tailor made diet of cows only. Also there are no additives or preservatives in this milk. So, Pride of Cows is milk in its most natural form.

?The concept is from F2H. How will you transport the milk?

As mentioned, pride of cows is instantly pasteurized, homogenized and packaged in PET bottles after milking. After packaging, the milk is transported from factory to company Depots in refrigerated vans. From depot, Pride of Cows is delivered to your doorstep in insulated boxes with ice bags.

?How will you maintain optimal temperature during transportation?

Pride of cows is transported from plant to depot in refrigerated vans. Each and every depot has refrigeration facilities. Pride of Cows is then delivered to your doorstep in insulated boxes and the temperature during last leg of delivery for two hours is maintained through ice bags

?At what temperature is the milk preserved?

In the supply chain at any point in time, pride of Cows is kept at a temperature of 4 degree centigrade.

?“This milk is antibiotic free”. Please explain.

The milk from any cow which is on an antibiotic course is excluded. Therefore the milk is completely antibiotic free

?What kind of fodder do these cows eat?

Our cows get a planned meal every day. We specially grow high quality alfalfa, pennisetum, greens, soya and bran to prepare a wholesome diet to keep them healthy and happy. Our nutritionists ensure that there is the right balance of minerals; vitamins and tailor make a menu for different ages of the cows and their physical needs. The menu, as you would have guessed, is changed regularly to include fresh seasonal crops and specials to keep our cows excited and munching all day.

We call this a Total Meal Ration and it is designed to keep every cow in prime healthy condition. The result is rich wholesome milk that is natural and full of the vital goodness of cow's milk.

?We have been told that Pride of Cows milk should be consumed without boiling. How do you ensure its safety?

Pride of Cows is already pasteurized and therefore no need to boil it. In fact it tastes best when consumed chilled and without boiling.