5 Things You’ll Relate to if You Love Milk - Pride of Cows

Milk lovers, unite! We know that you love milk and can’t survive a day without it. After all, milk is tasty, filling and nutritious, which is enough to get anyone hooked for life! Milk makes you happy. You have fond childhood memories about milk and vividly remember trading cookies for milk with your friends. Even today, nothing says comfort like a glass full of milk.

It’s not really an obsession if it’s a healthy one, right? Be proud of it! Just like several of us who love the ‘Pride of Cows’ milk, we are certain that you will recognise the following characteristics that are typical of fellow milk lovers.

You never fail to replenish your milk

Pride of cows delivered fresh cow milk

Your fridge is stocked with milk that will last for the next 2-3 days at least. Having no milk at home is your worst nightmare and you do all that is possible to never run out of milk. You’ve learnt your lesson in the past and have back-up plans in place, because, you know, just in case? So much so that it doesn’t matter if the local shop is closed anymore; you’ve found another one anyway.

You love ANYTHING made of milk

Organic cow milk products

Source: http://morungexpress.com/dairy-products-make-probiotics-more-effective/

Once you’ve set your eyes on a dairy product, you can’t let go of it. Be it curd, paneer, cheese, shrikhand, lassi or anything else, you’ve tried all variations and also fought with your siblings over it. Also, no matter how hard you try, you always end up in the dairy section of the supermarket. And once you’re there, you can’t decide what to pick because you’re so overwhelmed with choice.

You rely on milk during summer

Glasses of fresh cow milk

Source: http://allremedies.com/home-remedies-for-heartburn/

Summer brings along scorching heat, glaring sunshine and sweaty clothes. You used to dread going out before, but not anymore! You’re now prepared and have assembled your arsenal that includes a pair of sunglasses, an umbrella and let’s not forget — milk! A glass of cold milk is refreshing and cools you down instantly! You swear by it and often use summer as an excuse to indulge in your favourite milkshakes and ice-creams! After all, it was summer that asked for it, right?

You include milk in your skin/hair care regimen

Fresh milk with honey for your skin

Source: http://www.prityskincare.com/fairer-glowing-skin-with-milk-honey-oatmeal-facial/

You don’t let petty issues like sun tans ruin your beach plans with your friends. You know that milk is a great anti-tanning agent and will rescue you from sun damage. Through years, you’ve also learnt that milk is an excellent moisturizer and cleanser. You now know how to moisturise your skin using nothing but a simple face mask involving milk and honey. You’ve also mastered the art of utilising milk for making natural hair masks and conditioners… all because you can’t get enough of it!

You’ve experimented with several milk recipes

Badam kheer from fresh milk

Source: http://foodviva.com/pudding-recipes/milk-pudding/

You’re on the constant look out for new milk recipes and can’t wait to try them out when you have some spare time. Your weekends are mostly spent cooking recipes that you’ve searched for throughout the week, and you don’t even mind skipping an outing with your friends. It’s become a routine now, and at times, you’ve also considered including this activity as a hobby on your resume.

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