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When you subscribe to our service, you don’t just buy a bottle of milk. That bottle of milk represents your choice – the choice you make every morning to be a healthier, fitter, better you.

Your first taste of Pride of Cows milk is bound to be memorable. Pure. Rich. Creamy. The very essence of milk. Behind it all, as with anything truly memorable, lies quite a story. It is a story about cows and our love for them.

  • Spread across 26 lush acres in Manchar is India’s most advanced dairy farm. Equipped with the finest international technology for milking cows, and processing milk.

  • Our cows are not just any cows, but a hand-picked herd of thoroughbred Holstein Friesians. We believe “Happy cows, give better milk”. So we go to great lengths to ensure that our cows are healthy and happy.

  • Our cows get a planned meal every day. Their wholesome diet comprises of alfalfa, pennisetum, greens, beans, soya and branthat we grow ourselves. This diet ensures that our cows are healthy, happy and in prime health condition. The result is rich wholesome milk that is full of the vital goodness of cow’s milk.

  • Expert handlers and healthcare providers are always on hand to make sure that our cows are in the pink of health.

  • Our 50 point mechanized rotary parlour and detailed handling processes ensure that the milk is both hygienically and humanely procured. Every cow goes through an electronic health check every time it is milked.
  • Once the cows are milked, the fresh milk is instantly pasteurized, bottled and chilled and is transported straight to your doorstep in a special van that is temperature controlled at 4⁰C.

  • Our unique supply chain ensures that your milk is not just pure and unadulterated but also untouched by humans hands.

When you open a bottle of Pride of Cows milk, you know that this is the healthiest choice you can make for yourself and your family. We pay just as much attention to taste as we do to nutrition. Pure, rich, thick and creamy, nothing tastes better than a glass of milk from Pride of Cows. After all, it really is so much more than a bottle of milk;it is a labour of love.

While you begin each day with the taste of good health, we promise to be here with you every step of the way. With tips, tricks, recipes, facts and anecdotes, we’ll help you separate the grain from the chaff as you take the first step of many on the road to health and happiness.

So pour yourself a glass of milk and say cheers!

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