Do you remember you had a favourite plate you always preferred eating from as a kid? Well, we all did and although kids today do things way differently, there are a few things that will never change. And this is one of them. Look closely, we are sure your kid has a favourite mug or bowl too!

Have you ever thought of making this mug more personalized? If not then let your little one unleash his/her craft skills and make the morning cup of milk interesting!

Here’s how you can do it —

1)      First select a plain mug, preferably one that is microwave and dishwasher safe. A ceramic or porcelain mug will do.

 2)      It’s time to get crafty! Bring out all your craft items, this can include, permanent markers, glitters, oil paints, etc. and see how creative he/she can get.

3)      As a kid you showcased your craft skills only at school. Why not make this experience exciting for you and your kid? Don’t just sit back and watch. Make a personalized mug for yourself too!–craft-7454

4)      If it doesn’t turn out well, don’t stop after the first attempt. Try it every few months, since its easy and affordable you can do it seasonally. In fact these can also be gifted on special occasions like birthdays, teacher’s day, etc.

5)      If your child seems to enjoy this project, why limit it just to the mug? Get creative and try it on bowls too!

 While you are at it don’t forget to click pictures and share them with us. We would love to see what your little genius came up with!

Tip: Be careful about the paint you use for this project, make sure it’s non-toxic. Use only the external area of the mug or bowl to paint.

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