Resolutions have always been associated with New Year. That’s when most of the people made resolutions throughout their lives. We don’t buy that, especially when it comes to health. One should accept changes when they are ready for it and not when the date on the calendar suggests them to. And when it concerns your health, why wait for a specific date? If you are ready to lead a healthier life, we have 5 suggestions that are not only realistic but also easy to attain.

1)      Have a protein rich breakfast

The first step towards leading a healthier life is starting your day on a healthy note. A protein rich breakfast isn’t limited to a thing or two, you can choose from oatmeal, upma, brown bread, almonds, banana, grapes, orange and your favourite Pride of Cows milk to get your daily dose of protein. Such a breakfast will keep you satiated for a long time and reduce chances of binge eating.

2)      Be active

Stay active at all times, aim for at least 30 minutes of activity every day. This can include taking stairs instead of the elevator, signing up for the gym, walking to nearby stores to purchase grocery or simply doing household chores by yourself.

3)      Learn to like a new vegetable

Discover a new vegetable or something you have never tried before and learn to like it. Not many are fond of vegetables like kale, broccoli and asparagus but they are full of vitamins. Children learn from their parents, this resolution may provoke your kids to try it and you never know they might start liking it too!

4)      Make healthier choices

Prepare a grocery list which includes more fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains and stick to it. This way you will replace all the junk in your pantry and fridge with healthier options. So the next time you get midnight cravings, you will only have healthy food items to binge on.

5)      Meditate

Last but not the least, spend at least 10 minutes in the morning each day with yourself to clear your mind from any negative thoughts and provide energy for the day ahead!

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