As parents the responsibility of our children lies with us. We are accountable for the choices we make for them till they are old enough to make their own. Give them the right skill set and value system to be an exceptional individual.

Assign responsibility

Research says that the best way that children retain knowledge is by doing things themselves. So a good practice from early on in life is assigning responsibilities of small tasks to your child. Simple things like collecting the newspaper in the morning and putting it on the kitchen counter, or buying bread from a local vendor, or feeding the pet or watering the plants will teach them to be responsible and also show them that you trust them enough to do things.

Treat mistakes as opportunities to learn


Neither is it right to expect your child to excel at all they do nor is it right to just show up on an odd PTA meeting to know about your child’s progress.  Children rather humans are bound to make mistakes. Instead of making them feel worse or shouting at them, why not teach them how to go about it. Depending only on your child’s educator is not enough. You can make learning fun by the use of technology. What you can also do, is create a fun zone where your child can learn and finish their homework. A classic way is also to put a reward programme in place.

 Make time for play

 Many parents feel that play time is a waste and distracts children from their academics. This is not the case at all. Like adults need to unwind so do children. It only helps them come back to their studies with a fresh mind and a relaxed attitude which increases the probability of success manifold.

 Encourage communication and outdoor activities

The world is turning digital and our children are being increasingly lured into a virtual space. Encourage them to write letters to distant relatives. Take them out on a walk in the park. Plant a tree with them and go to water it once a week. Get some sweets and ask them to distribute it amongst the street children. Let them spend some time with their relatives or grandparents. This will teach them how to interact with people from all walks of life and live a life away from a desktop.

 Be an example

Children learn from observation. You may be doing things unconsciously that your child learns from you and which may be affecting them. So inculcate healthy lifestyle choices. Put your phone away when eating a meal. Wear a helmet or safety belt when riding a bike or driving a car. Treat the domestic help with respect. Be mindful of the language that you use around your child. Try and talk in a positive manner.

Always remember to cuddle with your child, make funny faces, watch some cartoons, tickle and laugh with them, feed them nutritious food and the occasional pizza and show them that you’ll be there no matter what.

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